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When brand new is the only vintage

jamie_national_post credit Aarron Lynett

Aarron Levitt, National Post

CATL got some “off the music pages” press this weekend in the National Post, thanks to Style writer Nathalie Atkinson. When brand new is the only vintage

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Animation Unleashed

animation_unleashedMy city has an amazing library system — the Toronto Public Library — and to keep teens reading throughout the summer, they’ve created a book club geared to 13- to 19-year-olds called Word Out with a weekly listing of a fiction, non-fiction and graphic novel suggestions, a blog on which kids can post their reviews, and there are contests, too. If the number of comments on the blog is any indication, this is a very popular club for Toronto teens.  I want to highlight one of the books on the list, Animation Unleashed, which is a how-to guide by animation theorist Ellen Besen and illustrated by Bryce Hallet (and Tamar Lipsey) of Toronto.  The  book got an Avenue-page treatment in the National Post last fall for its launch, which included an interview with Besen. Read it here.

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Laurie Swim, a Canadian treasure

Open-House-detail-Work-in-PYesterday’s METRO papers across the country ran an interview with renowned NS  quilt artist Laurie Swim on her unique career. “Odd Jobs” spoke to Laurie from her home in Blue Rocks, NS about the kind of art work she creates — masterful pieces, almost like paintings, all from scraps of fabric. Laurie has published a number of books, her most recent From Rags to Riches, and she is currently working on another huge commemorative quilt, this time on the 1906 Halifax Explosion. To read the interview, click here. Unfortunately, the article ran with an illustration of a generic patchwork quilt — nothing like the pieces Laurie creates — so, I’ve posted a sample of her work above.

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Food Inc.

food_incThe documentary by Robert Kenner is getting tons of press. And let’s not forget there’s a book, too,  published by Public Affairs in conjunction with Participant Media. I’m really looking forward to both the film and the book. In today’s National Post, Kenner talks about how amazed he was by the power wielded by the food industry in the US:

“I’ve made 15 films so far in my career, and I can tell you, I’ve spent more on legal fees for Food Inc. than on all those other films combined, times three,” he says. “I could’ve been doing a movie about nuclear terrorism and had greater access to information.

“It’s crazy – I just never knew how litigious the world of food was when I entered it,” he adds. “I never realized how subversive it was. But the fact is that anyone who speaks out about these things does so at his or her peril … It’s scary, it’s really scary.”

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catl — music “all about the hips, not the head”


Courtesy Torstar

Catl is an amazing live band playing a bunch of shows in Southern Ontario over the next few weeks, including Hamilton tonight and the NXNE festival in Toronto on Saturday night. They’ve been getting some great press lately, including being listed as “BEST BETS at NXNE” by the Globe and Mail, Metro and Toronto Star. Today’s Metro (the free paper across Canada) has an interview with the band, in which drummer Johnny LaRue quips the above line about hip-shaking.

Upcoming shows:

June 19: Hamilton, This Ain’t Hollywood

June 20: Toronto, Free show at Big on Bloor Festival

June 20: Toronto, NXNE at Silver Dollar Room (midnight)

June 25:  Toronto, Free show at Sounds Like the Riverside festival

June 26: Toronto, Mitzi’s Sister

July 3: Windsor, Phog Lounge

July 4: Sarnia, Ups N Downs

July 10: Toronto, The Dakota Tavern

Vist Coletrain Music for more, too.

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Fatal Journey

Layout 1Great press set up by my colleague Shona Cook for Peter Mancall’s riveting book about Henry Hudson’s titular expedition to Canada’s north.  In his Maclean’s feature on the book, Brian Bethune calls Fatal Journey “a context-setting gem that explains why early modern Englishmen kept putting themselves in mortal peril in the Arctic.”  Read the rest here.

And in an intersting take on the book, CanWest News delves into the possibility that members of Hudson’s crew may have been inspired to mutiny by a popular theatrical performance playing in London before they departed. Check out the interview with author Peter Mancall here.

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Smart Girls Marry Money

smart_girlsAnne Kingston has written a very positive (surprising even herself) review of Smart Girls Marry Money in the current issue of Maclean’s. Here are some tidbits from the article:

“its retrograde title seems calculated to repel actual “smart girls” — women who sail by the “self-help” aisle and who would kneecap anyone who called them “girls.”  But skim more deeply … and it’s apparent this isn’t a 21-century How to Marry a Millionaire. Rather [the authors] adopt a satiric tone to deliver a surprisingly subversive self-help manifesto: imagine, if you can, Dorothy Parker writing for Cosmo . . .
. . . the book’s message, ultimately, is not to mine for gold, but to remove the blinkers and take charge.”

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