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catl’s got talent

Late getting this news up, but catl took first place at the annual Toronto Blues Society Talent Search held on a very hot summer afternoon at Nathan Phillips Square last Thursday, August 13. Totally deserved to win, too!


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Where trolls live under the ACC

Sarah Dea_courtesy Torstar

Sarah Dea, Courtesy Torstar

Here’s the Toronto Star feature on Seán Cullen:
Where trolls live under the ACC

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The Prince of Neither Here Nor There

Prince_NHNT-loI am in the midst of working on the publicity campaign for Seán Cullen’s latest YA title THE PRINCE OF NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. (Penguin Canada) Seán did a ton of media yesterday in Toronto for the on-sale day  (August 11).

He hit just about every morning and drive-home show:

CHFI “Erin Davis & Mike Cooper”
(unfortunately that’s the publicist in the role of “Seán’s other head.”)

JAZZ FM “Benmergui in the Morning”

CBC drive-home  “Here & Now”

CFRB drive-home “John Moore Show”

This morning he did CHUM FM “Roger, Darren & Marilyn”

The Toronto Star will also run an interview this week, which I’ll post in a update.

The National Post ran an excerpt on Saturday. (“A Kind of Magic” — see below) They also re-ran a video post yesterday that Seán did for Open Book a couple years ago.

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That Mad Ache (update)

ayout 1I posted my own review of this little gem of a book a little while back, and The Globe and Mail ran their review on their Books site earlier this week. The best line:

[Hofstadter’s] translation of La Chamade is brilliant, highly readable, thoroughly engrossing and very nearly everything Françoise Sagan could have hoped for in an English version of her novel.

Read the entire review here.

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