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Girls on the Edge

Dr. Leonard Sax has followed up his best-selling BOYS ADRIFT (Basic Books, 2008) with an in-depth look at the lives of teenage girls — and it’s getting a ton of attention in Canada, just as his previous book did. To wit: Maclean’s cover

story, with a 3-page feature interview with Dr. Sax on Teen girls, feature in the Toronto Star, radio interviews with CBC Syndication, CKNW (Vancouver),  680News and many more.  My colleagues at Basic have booked him on CNN for Monday as well.

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The Winner’s Brain

Mark Fenske, assistant professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of Guelph,  is co-author of the book that everyone is talking about: THE WINNER’S BRAIN: 8 Strategies Great Minds Use to Achieve Success. Fenske has done interviews with CBC Radio “Ontario Morning,” CBC Radio International “Link,” 680News, and in today’s Globe & Mail there is a Q & A with Mark Fenske

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Beyond the Cleavage

Raquel Welch’s new book, BEYOND THE CLEAVAGE released this month and Raquel has done a couple of Canadian interviews. One was with CTV’s Canada AM on April 9, click here for the video.

Raquel also did a Q & A with the Globe and Mail, which ran in the April 19th edition.

Some interesting tidbits from the book:

Raquel swears by Oil of Olay. Says that’s all her mother used, and that her skin, too “just seems to soak it up.”

She dated Bob Dylan (among other celebrities), but does she reveal how close they were?

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Spark — continuing media

Frank Koller was a guest on CBC Radio’s The Sunday Edition on April 11.  Koller continues to blog on The Huffington Post as well.

While flying Porter earlier this month, I read a story about Toronto’s indie brewery Steam Whistle — the way they operate — profit sharing, loyal employees, incredible perks — sounds very much like the company studied in SPARK, Lincoln Electric. From Porter’s re:porter magazine for April:

Steam Whistle rewards its employees with a range of perks that could be considered unconventional by regular business standards. These include profit-sharing, stock options, staff beer, paid vacations rising to a six-week sabbatical after 10 years of service, and even company surfing holidays. It also financially supports employees who want to improve their education and rise through the ranks. [Co-founder] Greg Taylor, who has lectured to MBA business students on Steam Whistle’s unique corporate strategy, still gets the odd look of surprise and disbelief when he reports that in spite of these exceptional incentives, the company has reaped over $20 million in sales in just nine years.

So, some companies do get it!

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