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Drake’s Hey Hey Hey song vs catl’s Hey Hey Hey song

I’m biased sure (with my partner fronting the band, I’m entitled), but if I’m going to listen to a song with HEY! HEY! HEY! in it, I’m choosing dirt-blues Toronto band catl over the all-over-the-airways Drake (also from T.O.) song:

Hey Hey by catl.

Find Your Love by Drake.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Catl play NXNE Friday June 18 at the Comfort Room — they’re playing all night long, between sets. Word on the street (ie straight from Dan Burke) is that Mick Jagger’s son Jimmy will hit the stage at 1 AM.


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Jack Burman: Facing, and facing, death –

Jack Burman: Facing, and facing, death – More on photographer Jack Burman’s new book and exhibit The Dead. Above a link to an interview the Toronto Star and here is a link to today’s interview on


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Kobo arigato

Speaking of The Dead (previous post) my Kobo is kaput.  I ordered it mid-April, it arrived April 30 and as of Sunday, June 6  it was done.  I was championing it wholeheartedly when I first got it. I wasn’t loving the ragged right layout of the text or the massive amounts of spacing, which necessitates a ton of page turns and therefore  depressions on the right side of  the blue “directional pad.”  But I loved the gadget. Strangers would ask me about it in the park and I would sing its praises: so affordable! Thin and easy to carry! Yes, I can read it in the sun, no, there’s no eye strain — it’s not backlit, see?

But then the battery died on me mid-chapter a couple of times, and I couldn’t figure out how to sync the Kobo without needlessly reloading books I’d already read from my library onto my device. And then the final straw: the screen of death.

My call to Kobo was answered quickly by a friendly CSR who walked me through re-charging it and asked whether I’d been  “safely removing the hardware” after charging (I hadn’t),  but another long charge didn’t improve the situation, nor did the inevitable poke-with-a-pin to reset the device.  Now all I have is a white screen with a band of black at the top and a box that arrived from Kobo today to ship the device back.

A search online revealed a few similar tales, but not many — I’m hoping mine is an anomaly.

Funny thing is my mom gave me a Sony eReader a few days after my Kobo arrived and I returned it, wanting to stick with the “Canadian” reader.

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The Dead

Nice bit of real estate today in The National Post for photographer Jack Burman’s The Dead (front banner of Arts section and the Avenue Page). The book is published by The Magenta Foundation (Canada’s only art-book publisher) and was designed by The Office of Gilbert Li.  I had the pleasure of copy editing this book before working on the publicity for it, so had a lot of background on Jack and what compels him for the press materials. He sums it up in his interview with Mark Medley:

“I’ve seen the thanks in the eyes of people who’ve just locked on to the prints and said, ‘I don’t see this much, and I can’t see it for long, but I’m glad I have.'”

The exhibition opens at a reception tomorrow night (June 9) and runs to July 10 in Toronto at Clint Roenisch Gallery.

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Soccernomics — bigger than K’naan

With the World Cup kicking off on Friday, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in Simon Kuper’s Soccernomics. He was on CBC Radio’s “The Current” Tuesday morning, the book was listed among  Maclean’s magazine list of “modern classics on the game” and The Globe and Mail featured it this weekend, too.

Watch for Simon as a guest on CBC’s coverage from South Africa.

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