The ebook project and my foray into Twitterdom

July 20, 2010 at 4:04 pm Leave a comment

So, I’m nearing the end of a project spearheaded by Judy Brunsek for the Organization of Book Publishers of Ontario — I was hired to handle the publicity, to get media talking about the fact that Ontario’s indie publishers have loads o’ ebooks, both to laud the efforts of these publishers (I’ve learned it’s no easy task taking a pbook to ebook form), and goad libraries into buying them. The “laud & goad” campaign.  Perhaps not so much goad, but encourage — and not just libraries but all ebook retailers.  They all could use some more  eCanCon.

In the midst of the campaign I realized that this was probably the best project with which to test the Twitter waters. That proved true in spades. My posts about ebooks were reTweeted and others’ posts about ebooks were RT’d (see, I even got the lingo down) to me and this introduced me to influential bloggers in the library and ebook world that I hadn’t come across in my rather rushed research. Before you could say “hashtag” I learned about Paul Bila’s TeleRead, forwarded him the press release and he posted it in full. Thank you Twitter (and agent Chris Bucci for the informative RTs).

I’ve also witnessed through this project how quantifiable and legitimate online media is compared to only a few years ago.  It’s just as impressive to have “picked up by Huffington Post” as it is to have “story in Globe and Mail” in your final report — in fact, HuffPo likely holds more weight.

So far, the ebook promo for OBPO has been quite successful,  with the online hits I mentioned above (yes, including HuffPo), plus Q&Q, OpenBook and BookNet. The OBPO president also appeared on CBC’s “Here & Now” and fingers crossed we’ll see some good old-fashioned black ink on it, too.


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