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Suffer the Children Unto Me

I worked with a new client this fall, Novalis, as they were publishing a book on the clerical abuse scandal and wanted someone to handle the publicity outside of the religious media that they usually deal with.  Managed to get a National Post Q & A with the authors Michael W. Higgins and Peter Kavanagh and a review in the same publication. I also set up an op-ed with co-author Higgins in the Globe and Mail. Two television interviews, both on CTV (one in Halifax and the other in SWO) happened around Higgins’ tour schedule, as did an interview with The Record in Kitchener. I’m still baffled, however, at the lack of interest from CBC, particularly because Kavanagh is a long-time producer for CBC Radio.  Happily, Novalis reports that Suffer the Children … was among their bestselling books this fall.  From the Telegraph-Journal review: a comprehensive account of how the church has dealt with sexual abuse around the world over several decades. The focus is both global and very particular.


Published by Novalis.


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Edith Head

Some great coverage of Running Press’s tome (it’s a hefty coffee table book) on Edith Head, called — appropriately enough — EDITH HEAD.  Nathalie Aktinson wrote about the book in her National Post column, with the front-page headline The Answer to  ‘Who was Grace Kelly Wearing?’:  With a name like that, it didn’t take very long for a certain quip to make its way around the film studio lot:  ‘Edith Head gives good wardrobe. ‘ Jay Jorgensen’s hefty coffee-table book Edith Head (Running Press, $90) covers this lore and some of the same terrain that film historian David Chierichetti did in his 2003 biography of the costume designer. But Jorgensen does so with plentiful pages of wardrobe test shots, costume sketches and stills, and that makes all the difference.

The book was also featured in The Globe and Mail’s Style pages.
EDITH HEAD: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood’s Greatest Costume Designer. By Jay Jorgensen
Published by Running Press

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