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catl on Q

Very happy to report that catl were the first “Friday Live” guests of 2011 on CBC Radio’s national program “Q with Jian Ghomeshi” (except it was with guest host Zaib Shaikh — he of Little Mosque on the Prairie fame and a great guest host — very friendly, too). catl played 3 songs starting at an ungodly hour of the morning (the show starts at 9 am Live in NFLD, so it required a 7:30 am arrival for set up).

It’s been great PR for the band — a ton of response came in almost immediately via Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and they really enjoyed the day. The only downside turned out to be the mix: a bit heavy on the vocals and the guitar was nearly buried. The sound was entirely too compressed for what catl does — granted, it’s hard to replicate the raw live show in a cosy studio early in the morning — but despite that, it was a great opportunity, and the interview at the end of the program is particularly good.

Here’s the podcast: qpodcast_20110107_43537.mp3


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