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THE PATIENTS’ ASSOCIATION OF CANADA | First “Patient Led, Patient Governed” organization in Canada officially launches

THE PATIENTS’ ASSOCIATION OF CANADA |  First “Patient Led, Patient Governed” organization in Canada officially launches to improve health care for everyone.

The release went on the wire today. The Maclean’s interview  (see below) is now online and the CBC Radio “White Coat Black Art” interview with Dr. Brian Goldman will air on Saturday, Feb 12. Canadian Press will talk/photograph PAC president Sholom Glouberman today, local news and radio requests are coming in (CJOB in Winnipeg; three stations in Atlantic Canada). I’ve been working with Sholom and PAC since July on this project and the official launch of both the PAC and his Sholom’s book MY OPERATION: A Health Insider Becomes a Patient is next Tuesday in Toronto. Things are shaping up well. Book is available on Indigo and, too!

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Net Delusion

Some timely coverage for Evgeny Morozov’s book THE NET DELUSION: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom as we watch the hashtags #Egypt #Cairo and #Jan25 take over Twitter.

In Canada, Morozov appeared on CBC Radio’s “Spark” on February 6  “warning of the dangers of the internet becoming a tool for repressive governments to use for censorship and surveillance.”

His interview with Toronto Star columnist Olivia Ward appeared  on January 25.


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My colleague Shona Cook arranged an impressive media schedule for Timothy Snyder, including a stop in Toronto, for his new book BLOODLANDS: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. While she did all the hard work, I had the pleasure of meeting him in Toronto and sitting in on his Munk School of Global Affairs Talk at U of T. It was perhaps one of the best lectures I’ve ever attended — intelligent, informative and interesting (he barely once looked at notes). It was quite moving, too, as Snyder included a few personal anecdotes from those who suffered through the atrocities.

The media coverage included a full-page excerpt and an in-depth interview in the National Post; a feature interview on CBC Radio’s Ideas; a Maclean’s review, plus TV interviews with both the Ukranian and Polish OMNI programs.

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Alone Together ; )

Years ago MIT prof Sherry Turkle wrote The Second Self: Computers and the Human Spirit, a seminal book on the societal impact of the computer age. That was 1984 — before email, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, online dating, etc. She’s created another splash with the release of ALONE TOGETHER: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other.

Sherry has been all over the media in the US and in Canada she’s appeared on Charles Adler’s syndicated radio program, was reviewed in The Toronto Star (as well as being mentioned in articles in the same paper by Leslie Scrivener and Vinay Menon) and Maclean’s, and interviewed by columnist Zosia Bielski in The Globe and Mail.

A great quote by Sherry Turkle from the New York Times Book Review: “We aren’t ‘happy’ anymore: we’re simply a semicolon followed by a parenthesis.” ; )

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