Seventeen’s Ultimate Guide to Style

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Just in time for “back to school” the National Post ran a Q  & A with Seventeen editor Ann Shoket on helping teen girls find their perfect look — ran Saturday, Aug 20, to coincide with the release of Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style:

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


Q What about for girls who can’t afford that brand new back-to-school wardrobe?
A I think this book is absolutely for those girls who want to figure out how to put their looks together based on what they have in their closet. I think [the question is] how do you find your own sense of style, and I think that that’s really important. But the other piece that’s so important about this book is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can decide one day that you’re going to put together a look that’s very girly, the next you’re going to be edgy, you might be boho on the weekends, you might try glam for a holiday party. You are meant to dip into the chapters and decide how you’re feeling in the moment.

Q What has the feedback been?
A Phenomenal. Oh my goodness. I am so warm in the heart about how girls have responded to this book. We’ve gotten tweets, we’ve gotten Facebook posts, we’ve gotten emails that girls are saying this is the book they wish they had had sooner, that they’re rushing out to the bookstores to get it. It’s really been a just over-the-top positive response from our readers.

Q What does Seventeen do to curb the pressures young girls feel today, especially if they’re looking through the pages of the guide and seeing a certain kind of girl portrayed?
A I think that diversity of body type, diversity of skin tone, diversity of hair texture, all of that is incredibly important to Seventeen, and I think if you look back you’ll see there is incredible diversity in the book. We do not have a narrow definition of beauty for our readers. In fact, we want to make sure every single girl can open the pages of Seventeen and feel validated by the girls she sees there. She’s going to find somebody who looks like her, and that is crucially important to Seventeen; it’s one of the cornerstones of our brand.

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